I have worked with Dr. Litchford for more than 10 years to provide continuing education programs for our audience of RDNs and NDTRs. She is an excellent presenter and talented at making even the most complex nutrition information easy to understand. I would highly recommend her as a presenter for any nutrition program.

CPE Courses:
We have carried Dr. Litchford’s publications and courses on our website for many years. Her publications and CPE programs continue to be very popular with our audience of RDNs.

Becky Dorner, RDN, LD, FAND

President Becky Dorner & Associates, Inc., Board of Directors, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation U.S. Country Representative, International Affiliate of the Academy (IAAND)

Dr. Mary Litchford is a skilled NFPE instructor. With over 30 years of experience, she is an internationally coveted nutrition instructor. The Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment: Making Clinical Connections book is a great resource to help develop competencies in this area.

Nancy Munoz, DCN, MHA, RDN, FAND

I have always learned so much practice information from Dr. Litchford’s publications such as “Common Denominators of Declining Nutritional Status”. Attending her sessions at FNCE and at my state consulting practice group conference; Mary was phenomenal presenting the Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment”. She is an extraordinary professional and a treasured colleague.”
Brenda Richardson, MA, RDN, LD, FAND

LTC Nutrition Expert, 2019 Academy Lenna Frances Cooper Memorial Lecture Award, ACADEMY Finance and Audit Committee, Past-Chair, ANDPAC

Working with Dr. Litchford has been one of CATALYST’s most progressive accredited training courses, where she pushed the boundaries of how the profession is practiced in the Middle East and provided a platform for empowering dietitians to cooperate and collaborate with physicians for the best interest of patients through the Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment accredited course.

Najib El Haddad, Ph.D.

CEO - Managing Partner, CATALYST - The Training Lab

Laboratory Assessment of Nutritional Status: Bridging Theory & Practice CE

“Best CEU and reference materials on the market.”

SJ, Ohio

“Great work, meticulous attention to detail.”

KS, Michigan

“I have a better understanding of la values related to nutritional significance.”

SJ, California

“This was a great review on labs and it is a great reference as well.”

TS, Oregon

“I now work more closely with my nurse practitioner assessing hydration status.”

VT , Pennsylvania

“I use your book as a daily reference to order correct tests for inpatient management of anemias, signs of malabsorption etc.”

SJ, Ohio

Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment: Making Clinical Connections CE course

“Course enhanced my clinical work in private practice. Long term, care and acute care.”

SP, Canada

“I now have to do NFPA as part of my nutrition assessment. I feel more competent to assess accurately. Course enhanced my assessment skills and my practice.”

JR, Ohio

“Self-study program greatly facilitates improvement in assessing patients and resident.”

BB, Ohio

“This CE course open up many avenues for a more thorough nutritional assessment of my patients.”

AD, Maine

“I can now successfully perform nutrition focused physical assessment on my patients.”

KC, Ohio

Nutrition & Pressure Injuries CE course

“This course was a big help in my practice working with vent-dependent patients who have pressure injuries.”

PP, Michigan

“CE gave me tools to advocate for improvement in meal composition and supplement use for resident in my facilities.”

JJ, Massachusetts

“Really helped me understand the importance of addressing for calorie-protein malnutrition and nutrient needed during each step pf wound healing.”

AK, Kansas

“Put more tools in my toolbelt!”

CM, Wisconsin