Case Studies in Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment

Case Studies in Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment

By Mary D. Litchford PhD, RDN, LDN

Cultivate your critical thinking skills by practicing Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment. Clinical vignettes and case studies using a simulated medical record give students opportunities to demonstrate critical thinking skills in nutrition assessment. Case studies are specifically designed for healthcare science students. Instructional tool serves as a companion to Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment: Making Clinical Connections.

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What to expect in Case Studies in Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment

  • Exercises in observational skills
  • Short vignettes on making first impressions, using vital statistics, & interpreting risk assessment screening tools
  • Case studies of medically complex adults using a simulated medical record.
  • All quiz, case study & exam questions include justification for answers with references
  • Students must complete each module, case study and the final exam with a minimum score of 80%
Course Objectives:
  1. Discuss the purpose of sharpening your observational skills.
  2. Describe the subjective nature of observational skills.
  3. Discuss the purpose of making first impressions.
  4. Describe the limitations of first impressions.
  5. Discuss the value of vital statistics in preparing to conduct a NFPA.
  6. Interpret the vital statistics in the context of the patient's current medical status, recent health history and nutrition status.
  7. Examine the components of nutrition screening risk assessment tools.
  8. Interpret nutrition screening risk assessment scores.
  9. Examine the components of pressure ulcer/sore risk assessment tools.
  10. Interpret pressure ulcer/sore risk assessment scores.
  11. To apply the evidenced based principles of NFPA using a medically complex case study.
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