What does CASE Software & Books offer?

    CASE Software & Books offers:
  • advanced level reference books for healthcare professionals, professors and health science libraries
  • advanced level continuing education courses for Nutrition Professionals
  • instructional software for use in dietetics curriculum

We know how busy your schedule is, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you by offering products that you can order any time via this website. You may complete the CE programs online - available 24/7.

Does CASE Software & Books offer e-books?

Yes! We offer both softcover books and e-books. The e-books are identical to the softcover books. The online versions have colorful graphics, are instantly downloadable and less expensive! The pdf format allows you to read on-screen, save the file and/or print your own copy. E-books are available 24/7!

Does CASE Software & Books offer Online Courses?

Yes! CASE Software & Books is now offering online CE courses that are identical to the soft cover course books with CD-ROM! The online versions have colorful graphics, are downloadable instantly and less expensive! The pdf format allows you to read on-screen, save the file and/or print your own copy.

The Case Studies are also online for easy access. Using an access code, you will have one opportunity to access the case studies. Plan your time wisely to make the most of this portion of the course. If you would like a CD-ROM for future use as a staff development tool, these can be ordered for an additional charge.

Once you have read the text and completed the case studies, you can take the competency testing online. Upon completion of the course, a Certificate of Completion is generated for your CDR portfolio. Online CE courses are available 24/7.


Can I order the actual CD-ROM for use with staff development?

Yes! When you order either an online course or a regular soft cover course book, you may order an actual CD-ROM for later use. Many organizations use our self-scoring case studies for staff development and to document age specific or disease/condition specific training. Just print off the final score page to document completion of the case studies and place in the employees' educational record. You must order one copy of the CE course to be offered the option of ordering an actual CD-ROM. There is an additional charge for the CD-ROM. Shipping charges apply.

How do I place an order?

Easy! You may order course books via our online course catalog or by contacting our office at 336-282-0668 during normal business hours (9 AM - 5 PM EST). The online catalog is a simple, step-by-step process. From our home page, click on the product category you wish to view. The online catalog includes: introduction to the course, course description, table of contents, course objectives, and author information. You may order a course at any time by clicking on the "Add to Cart" link in the course description or list of courses.

Mail: Print an order form and mail it with a check, money order or credit card information. We accept only U.S. funds. Include your full shipping address and contact phone number on the order form. Be sure to include shipping and handling charges for your order.

Phone: For VISA or MasterCard orders or questions, please call 336-282-0668 during normal business hours (9 AM - 5 PM EST).

Fax: Print an order form. We accept only U.S. funds. Include your credit card information with expiration date, full shipping address and contact phone number on the order form. Be sure to include shipping and handling charges for your order. Fax to 336-288-4924.

Order Online: You may order from this website by selecting products for your shopping cart and following the directions to complete the transaction. If you need help call 336-282-0668.

Purchase Orders: Institutional Purchase Orders are accepted. Mail or Fax (336-288-4924) actual Purchase Order with Accounts Payable contact name and contact number. Please include the charges for shipping and handling. You may also order online using a Purchase Order.  Just choose "Purchase Order" for your method of payment.  You may then Mail or Fax actual Purchase Order.  Please call 336-282-0668 if you have questions.


How much do I pay for Shipping & Handling?

REGULAR SHIPPING IN USA: Small Orders: We ship most orders by Priority Mail. Your order is usually delivered within 3 - 5 days anywhere in the US. Shipping and handling are calculated online via USPS according to the weight of your shipment.

RUSH shipping in USA: If you need your courses fast, we expedite and offer 2nd Day or OVERNIGHT Delivery for an additional fee. Contact our Customer Service staff during normal business hours. For best service, RUSH orders should be placed by phone (credit card only).

Large Orders for Colleges and Universities or Bookstores: We ship by Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx Ground. Please call for a shipping quote: 336-282-0668.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We ship all International Orders via Air Mail. Please email us for a quote at orders@casesoftware.com . Please include the words "shipping quote" under subject.

How do online CEs work?

  • From the course catalog click on the link for the Continuing Education Courses. To order the course, add it to your cart.
  • Once your order has processed, the screen will show a link to the electronic course. Also, you will be sent an email with the same link.
  • This download link is active for 10 days. Be sure to follow the link within 10 days!  
  • Online CE courses are non-refundable after purchase. You may order other types of products (Books, Softcover Courses, and multi-user licenses) at the same time you order electronic courses.

How do I take an online CE Competency Exam?

Testing is the same for Electronic Courses, Softcover Courses, and for courses with multi-user licenses. Log on to your account, find your order, and follow the link to the exam.


What is a Multi-User License?

A multi-user license allows you to share your Online CE course or Softcover Course with another RD/DTR. You may purchase the multi-user license at the time of the original purchase or later. However, everyone must complete the course within 12 months of the original purchase. Once your order has been processed, you will be given an Authorization Code that allows you to review the case studies and then take the competency exam.

Does the Commission on Dietetic Registration accredit your courses?

Yes! All of our courses are pre-approved for CE credit. RDs and DTRs may take 100% of recertification credit by home study. Exams postmarked by May 31 count in the current registration year. You are responsible for keeping track of your course completions using the Professional Development Portfolio.

I have taken an older version of one your courses. Can I take the new version for additional credit?

Yes! New editions are new courses! The Commission on Dietetic Registration has determined that revised editions of correspondence courses are considered completely new courses. You may use CE credit from both old and new editions of a course during the same recertification period, so long as both courses are completed before expiration (the "Complete by" date).

I see some interesting courses that are not pre-approved for my profession. What should I do?

Many professional governing bodies accept Non-pre-approved activities or courses through a "petition" process. A member can submit information to request CE credit on an individual basis. Usually, you will have to submit information about the course, our company, objectives of the course, content information and the author's resume. All of this information is found in the course catalog. Click on the course title. Then click on the links available: Contents, Introduction, Objectives, and Author. You may print all of the information to submit to your affiliation.


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